In Search of the Perfect Scrambled Egg Recipe

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been searching for the perfect scrambled egg recipe that allows me to produce a scrambled egg similar to the ones you enjoy in Hatched, Food for Thought or Wild Honey.

So when I chanced upon Gordon Ramsey’s version, I decided to copy it for one of our Saturdays’ breakfast.

Now, this recipe is better watched than read. Therefore, I won’t even put down the steps in this blog.

The recipe calls for creme fraiche. Though I’ve seen it a couple of times in certain Cold Storage supermarkets, I wasn’t able to find it anymore when I visited a few of the nearest ones from my work place last week. After googling for some possible substitutions, I’ve decided to use light sour cream instead.

If you want, you can google the recipes for making your own creme fraiche using a combination of buttermilk and heavy cream, both of them can easily be found in any Cold Storage supermarkets or Fair Price Extra.

And this was how my version look like.

The texture of the egg was creamy and velvety enough, pretty close to the version that I’m looking for but it’s a tad too watery to my liking. I shall put it on the heat slightly longer the next time I attempt this.

I would also like to try using creme fraiche instead of sour cream to really appreciate the difference. Some people said on the internet that you should be able to find it in Cold Storage Jelita or Carrefour.


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